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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is table talk allowed?
A: Yes. Table talk is not only allowed, it's HIGHLY encouraged. Feel free to let the rest of the table know the contents of your careless fellow cultist’s hand or alert everyone to just how close Little Susie McQuiet-Pants is to getting her next candle token!


Q: Can I “Counter-Spell” a “Counter-Spell”?
A: Yes. You can even “Counter-Spell” a “Counter-Spell” of a “Counter-Spell”! You can also “Counter-Spell” Hijinx Cards and other “Counter-Spell” cards that were played on or by any other player at any time (if you wanted to).


Q: Can I play a “Switcheroo” on someone if I don’t have any cards in my Favor Stack? What about a “Toiling Trouble” on someone that doesn’t have any doubles?
A: Short answer: No! That would be stupid. Alternate answer: We really don’t care, agree on something yourselves.


Q: Why are the Hijinx Cards worded that way? Why does it say “you” and “your” if I’m the one reading the card?
A: Hijinx Cards were designed to be played AT an opposing player. The text is worded so that the targeted player can read the card and understand how to resolve it. Unless you really REALLY feel the need, Hijinx Cards are not meant to be played on yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I “Counter-Spell” these new Dark Powers Cards?
A: Yep


Q: Someone stole my Dark Powers Card with an “Evil Eye”. Is that Q: even allowed?
A: Yep


Q: Do I HAVE to draw a Dark Powers Card when I earn a candle?
A: Nope


Q: Can I play a Hijinx Card on the  “Black Spire” that would make that player lose their progress?
A: Nope

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