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Potion Panic

Concoction Crafting for the Chaotically Inclined!

Players: 2-4  |  Duration: 20-30 Minutes  |  Ages: 14+ 

Design: Jordan Devenport

Illustration: Jake Rieman (


Potion Panic: Concoction Crafting for the Chaotically Inclined is an easy-to-learn, recipe-building card game in which 2-4 players use advanced alchemical aptitude to create curious concoctions such as Hotchie Matcha, Bananarama, or even some Love Potion No. 8-1/2. 

In Potion Panic, players will prep, smash, and brew various potions to create over 40 unique recipes in order to be the first player to synthesize the all-powerful Philosopher's Stone and win!
It's an all-out-brawl as players race to become the best concoction-crafter and earn the "hoity toity" title of Alchemist a la Mode*!


* Translation: French for “topped with vanilla ice cream"


Contents: 135x Playing Cards, 40x Crystal Shards, 1x Philosopher's Stone, Rulebook





"A fun and furious game with multi-use cards. Great for families and fillers!"

- Stella Jahja, Meeple University

"Losing multiple games in a row to my gloating brother either means I enjoy punishment or just really like this game. Silly puns, hidden literary easter eggs, and strategy mechanics, this is a staple on my game shelf"

- Mike Rieman, Wizbot Games


"Potion Panic is an awesome card game. Friends and family will have tons of fun smashing their way to the Philosopher's Stone."

- Joshua Burall, Logan Chops Reviews


"Potion Panic is a perfect game for people who want a quick-playing, easy-to-learn card game. A mix of hidden information and public information helps create a tense, fun atmosphere that keeps players engaged."

- Paul Marchbanks, The Dicey Review


"Potion Panic does an excellent job blending take-that mechanics with recipe-crafting mechanics. Really easy to learn and easy to play, enjoyable for both gamers and non-gamers."

- Louie Martinez, Circle of Nerds

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