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Crazy Cultists

The Devilishly Fun Game For The Whole Family!

Players: 3-6  |  Duration: 30-45 Minutes  |  Ages: 10+ 

Design: Jordan Devenport


Crazy Cultists is a quirky, fast-paced, competitive card game where 3-6 players race against each other to summon The Dark One!


Play cards to gain the Unholy Adversary’s favor or thwart your competition by unleashing 10 unique and terrible "hijinxes" including the good ol' fashioned “Beelze-Beatdown”.


Players take turns either building favor with The Dark One by creating a Favor Stack, or sabotaging a rival cultist by playing Hijinx Cards. Favor Cards are stacked one on top of the other so that the corner number can still be seen. Once a player has reached 10+ Favor Points in his or her stack, the stack is discarded and that player earns a candle token.


It's a no-holds-barred free-for-all fight to be the first to light all 5 candles in your pentagram and usher in a thousand years of darkness!


It's all about being the cultist on top, so don't be afraid to make a few enemies.

Contents: 90x Playing Cards, 25x Candle Tokens, 6x Pentagram Boards, Rulebook

Crazy Cultists: The Dark Powers Expansion Pack


You wanted dark powers...and now you got 'em! Or at least you CAN get them. Earn the Dark One's favor to be granted powerful new abilities in the form of Dark Powers Cards and start wreakin' some freakin' havoc!

Contents: 13x "Dark Powers" Playing Cards, 1x "Quick Rules Reference" Playing Card

Plus the hook-style box folds out into the full rulebook!




"It's fast, it's quick, and it has a certain energy to it[...]  A fun "take that" style game I'd probably bring out at a party!"

- Unfiltered Gamer

"This little take-that game is perfect for pubs or cafes or as a light filler at game night."

- Jeffrey Chin, r2i Games

"This is that next level game that will push new players into the right direction. It’s simple and easy to teach with enough game play to make a play through exciting."

- Joseph Nicholas, Indietabletop


"It's the perfect game when you're hanging with a group of friends and you just feel like summoning the devil. 666 out of 10."

- Spencer Campbell, Wizbot Games

"I like that this game knows what it is, it is a simple and fast take-that game. It does not pretend to be anything else and it certainly delivers."

- The Hungry Gamer

Want to learn even more about Crazy Cultists? Check out the Official Rules and the Frequently Asked Questions.

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